Mahmood Textile Mills: Financial Analysis of Year 2011



It gives me immense pleasure to describe the background of Mahmood Group of Industries. In 1935, a tannery in the name of Khawaja Tannery was set up in Multan by my father (late Khawaja Muzaffar Mahmood). He had vast experience in this field and was virtually a pioneer of this industry in Pakistan . The Company was incorporated in 1961, as a private limited company. Cotton ginning factories located in different parts of the country were also set up by him.

Allied Bank Limited – Internship Report

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The function of commercial banking and application of the fundamental principles of the depositor bank relationship have remained essentially the same since about 500 B.C. Bank operation methods and procedures, on the other hand, have undergone a constant process of evolution because of economic growth, the mounting volume of transactions and greater use of banking facilities.

Zakariya Pharmaceutical Unit

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Project proposal

Basic manufacturing raw material is still little although some of the MNC’s have been making promises to start manufacturing of the raw material but any significant development in the regard h as not been made due to non availability of raw material and some fiscal anomalies. According to the ministry of health about 80% of the countries druid needs of nit by local production. Including 31, MNC’s there are now 235 companies manufacturing drugs in Pakistan of the total units only 1 unit is in the public

First Women Bank

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The term “BANK” is derived from an Italian word “BANKO” which means “Bench” that is where people were meet and solve their financial matters.

The term bank is being used for a long time yet it has no precise definition. The basic reason is that the banks perform not just one but many types of functions originally the banks were supposed to make short term loans to the traders only. The banks now not only make short term loans to the formers, traders , industrialist etc. But also invest in a wide variety of long term earning assets.


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Note: After reviewing this feasibility report, KFC Multan actually introduced Brownies for the first time. Therefore this project report became successful. You can now find Brownies in in KFC menu.


Restaurant business is one of the oldest known to man and to a large extent is still an art and will remain so in future. System and practices make the job of managing a hotel or restaurant much similar, but the human element is difficult to systemize. The field of restaurant business is interdisciplinary. It draws up economics, psychology, management, food technology, architecture and marketing clustered together. It is a business of hospitality.

PARCO - Comprehensive Excellent Report

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PARCO Means Energy

Incorporated in Pakistan in May 1974, as a public limited company, Pak-Arab refinery limited (PARCO) is a joint venture between the Government of Pakistan and Abu Dhabi. Its authorized capital is Rs.5 billion and a paid-up capital of Rs2.16 billion of which 60% is held by Government of Pakistan (GOP), and 40% by Abu Dhabi Petroleum Investment Company (ADPI).

In the last 25 years the company has expanded a phenomenal 24 times and has achieved an Equity base of Rs13 Billion and an Asset Base exceeding Rs.68 Billion or just over U.S $10 Billion in current dollar terms. An enlightened investment decision in anyone’s books!. It is the only AAA credit rated company in the country.

E-Commerce in Pakistan



When the Graham bell invented the telephone, perhaps he himself was unaware of the potential of the telephonic. A tiny desire of talking to each other through a distance has now grown up to a whole New World of doing complete business and transacting with each other all over the globe. The power of these interconnected telephone lines is the major reason for what we say the world is a global village.

Operations Management of DHL




How it all began

Just months after man’s first landing on the moon in 1969, DHL begins operating the first international door-to-door express delivery service in the world. It all started out of chance in a local food store of San Francisco. The idea came out during the meeting of two friends Mr. Adrain Dalsey and Mr. Larry Hillblom in July 1969. Dalsey was a sales person and Hillblom was a flying courier, thinking about his recent $3,000 stock market earnings for investment. “Let’s start a new company.” was the idea that came into their minds. A real estate associate Lynn joined them, and DHL began its first courier service between the West Coast of America and Hawaii.


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Management Science is very highly a practical oriented program. Theories learned in classroom are applied in the market. That is why reports and assignment are essential and integral part of this programme. The research reports are the core activity in the subject of “Business Research Method”. Through this research report, we collect the different facts and figures, which enhance our knowledge about marketing environment in Pakistan specifically and work market generally.

Report writing helps the student to get acquainted with actual working atmosphere, and requirements, so they may fully fit to enter the practical completing. M.Sc Accounting & Finance.

We have tried our best to compile the same in the report, which we observed and learnt during our Research Program on “Marketing Comparison Of Packed Milk & Fresh Milk In Multan City”.

Questionnaire: Career Management Planning

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